The Bitdefender free vs Avast free

Choosing antivirus can be exceptionally annoying. The market is very aggressive and the articles are at the leading edge of data innovation.

The antivirus merchants have both the information (collected in the daily war with the cybercriminals) and cash to wage an epic branding struggle in the field of PC security. There are many merchants and each of them brings to the market many outstanding elements in their products. How would you choose between them? Allow me to strive to deepen this topic in this article.

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Security is exhausting

Security is reliable in the struggle with ease of use. Regardless of whether you are working with your reports, playing video games or watching a movie, no security effort or methodology will help you with your movement. Despite what you might expect, they are getting close, which makes your PC difficult, requires multiple passwords, forces you to choose an appropriate organizer to keep your records, etc.

In truth, I understand the need; A security payload is a cost to your well-being, however, it is simply not a pleasure for any part of the imagination. Current advertising strives to connect people, have fun a lot, get some kind of conclusion using an article. What kind of conclusion could you anticipate from antivirus programming?

The most important thing you need from an antivirus fix is ​​to calm down and evacuate infections. That is the reason why antivirus merchants never have a huge fan base. LOST has 7.5 million followers on Facebook, Symantec has 35 thousand.

To exacerbate the situation, no security effort gives you a certification or some kind of mental conclusion. Do you consider the movie “Mission impossible”? There was a PC very well secured and even so, Tom Cruise came and hacked it. With any element of antivirus, there is a reliable chance that infections will still enter your guard. That is simply lousy.

Endless career

The designers of antivirus programming are continually in a war with cybercriminals and each other.

There are a lot of methods to make money wrongly on the Internet: spam, reassurance agreements backed by doctors, sexual entertainment, gambling, data fraud, visa misrepresentation, etc. Also, where the money is found, splendid personalities (even if they are not honest) apply their intuition to achieve it. Consistently, criminals try to locate another approach to polluting their PCs.

The moment another infection occurs, it is tested against the most important antivirus guarantees; They should not have the option to recognize it. Usually, when you get a model, it is not difficult to correct. Within hours (now and then minutes) after the discovery, the product of this specific vendor can and will protect against this infection.

Regularly, all major antivirus labs on the planet exchange data on the latest infections with each other. So we can expect that all the antivirus elements are experts in finding new infections. The problem is that several new infections accumulate every day. Nobody can tell when someone will make a mistake and let it go.

It would seem like a Formula-1 race. We realize that each of the vehicles is great. Be that as it may, they have to face each other. Someone will make a mistake and will be “not immaculate” this time.

The antivirus merchants must compete every day, 24 hours a day on a Formula 1 track to demonstrate their presentation.