McAfee antivirus review

It is an anti-virus and pc protection software by John Mcafee. Apart from screening for viruses, this software provides real-time pc monitoring and memory boost. Let’s get started with McAfee antivirus review


1.Safe browsing experience.

There are many scammers and phishing websites on the web. They induce malicious code in our operating systems to reveal our personal information. This might include card details, banking passwords and much more. To avoid such kind of scam websites Mcafee kicks in. It warns us against such kind of websites and malware file downloads.

2. Device performance optimization.

Often we browse too many websites or stream videos online. This leads to registering multiple cookies and caches on our system. It results in slowing down the pc. The pc boost option helps us to clear the cache and cookies from our system. Thus, cleaning some RAM space and running the pc on a smooth note.That’s why McAfee is the best Windows antivirus.

3. Identity theft protection.

This software recognizes sites containing malware. It automatically blacklists such site from stealing personal information from our pc.

4. Cross-platform management. You can easily manage your mobile, laptop, pc and tablet from one device. You can also change the parameters of each device security from a single web page.

5. Encrypted storage. There are many important files on our system which we need to keep safe. If our device is exposed to external threats, then we are at risk of losing these files. McAfee software helps to keep our file safe with 128-bit protection layer.

6. Safe family feature. When kids are surfing the web, they don’t know what they’ll stumble across. The internet is full of black sites and porn world. This safe family feature helps us to blacklist these types of websites making the internet a better place for the kids.

7. Password manager. The multi-password manager is a heck of a tool to remember all of our passwords. Now, you are sure to signup to any service and never worry about the password. 8. Supports multiple devices. It supports all of your devices. Which includes mobile, pc, laptops and tablets.

9. Ransomware protection. There are instances where a hacker might gain access to your system. Hacker will threaten to delete some sensitive files or crash your system. To stop such hackers, McAfee has included ransomware protection. It shields your system from similar threats.

10. Free support. McAfee provides free support to all of its subscribers. Free support includes support via phone, chat and online.

11. Free trial. The package includes a free trial of 30 days. So you can actually test the software for a month before you start spending serious bucks on antivirus.



As compared to other software’s in the market, McAfee has a higher pricing range. But keeping in mind the premium features as well as the free trial, this software looks promising. 2.

Tricking in buying the highest package.

The pricing page offers 1 device for 54.99$ and 10 devices for 44.99$ which tricks us in buying the package for 10 devices. It is okay for 1st year. But after that, the price for 1 device jumps up to 69.99$ and for 10 devices a whopping 109.99$. It is a kind of a bummer, to pay such a hefty price for anti-virus software.

McAfee antivirus review (An overview of overall product) Overall the product is very admirable from pc-protection point of view. If you value the security of your devices, then this anti-virus really can be of help.