Dog House for Large Breeds

The owner of the dog will try to ensure that his pet has excellent conditions. To do this, you need a special one or two door dog house for a large dog.

How to choose a place for a dog house

To build a dog house, you need to determine its suitable location. The dog will guard both you and the house, so a good view is needed for the entire site. It is also important that the place is sunny and dry, so the dog will be much more comfortable. And yet, the pet should be able to hide from the sun.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a great dog house

Prepare drawings and materials you can begin the construction process. We begin to make a dog house with our own hands from its base, that is, the floor. If the dog is large, the frame needs to be reinforced with an additional cross member or two.

  1. To make the floor warm enough, we make it in two layers, laying insulation between them.
  2. Lay the frame covered with boards so that the bars are on top.
  3. Now you need to take care of the legs on which the house should stand. This is necessary so that air circulates under it, then the structure will last longer, and moisture will not stagnate in it. We attach the legs to the floor.
  4. Next, we attach side racks to the finished floor, and we fasten the walls of the house to them. The frame is made of timber. Two side racks should have the height of the booth, and two should be 7-10 cm longer to form a roof slope. Longer racks should be installed in front of the booth. Do not forget about the hole in the front or side of the booth. In the center of the sidewalls, vertical bars are additionally filled.
  5. We use metal plates to strengthen the frame at the internal joints. Outside, the frame can be sheathed with lining, and from the inside, it can be insulated in the same way as the floor was insulated with glassine and polystyrene.

Now you can make the roof, which should be removable. Then it will be easy to periodically clean the house and treat it with parasites. After installing the roof on the booth, fill on top with soft tiles or roofing material.

Requirements for booth parameters

The size of the house depends on the size of the one who will live in it. A dog should be comfortable to enter his house. You do not need much space, because in the winter in a small house it is much warmer.

To fully determine the size of the dog, you need to measure its size. The height of the booth by ten centimeters should be greater than the height of the dog at the withers. The width of the entrance must be designed based on the width of the dog’s chest. Position the entry hole so that its top is at the level of the withers, and the bottom is approximately at the height of the chest.